Son of the Reich (sonofthereich) wrote in __thexunscene,
Son of the Reich


xName: Joe
xAge: 15
xSex: Male
xExplain yourself as best you can without making it too long: I dunno. I've been on enough acid to understand alot of things.. I know things, that most people don't.. and. I'm easily ammused.

xBands[at least 5]: Rammstein, Tool, DJ Tiesto, KMFDM, The Greatful Dead.
xBook: 2001 A Space Odessey. (Or something like that) Stfu, it's a good book.
xOutfit: Uh.. Military camos.. combat boots.. Black tanktop.
xMovie: Donnie Darko, The wall
xAnimal: Panthers

_What Are Your Thoughts On..
xThe Scene: I don't like it... I mean.. it's funny to look at people, from a distance... and see them all in their little groups... it's so.. stupid.. I like Originality.
xHomosexuals: They're ok, I don't have much of a problem unless they hit on me.
xSex: I dunno anymore.
xStraight edgers: Let them live for what they want. It's not my life.
xFat people: Who cares about their weight? as long as they're nice people.
xGovernment: Eh.. I don't really like it. But, without it, we'd be crippled.
xRelationships: ...Don't even get my started.

xWhat makes you so unscene?: Well.. you don't find me running around in heards of "look alikes". I tend to dress, however, and whatever way I feel like, without sticking to a style.. and, I guess. I'm not really like anyone else.. I'm me.
xDo you like uber scenesters?: Sure :P
xHey you. Do a trick: ...*raves*
xTell us something that you think is really awesome: Chemical engineering ^^
xWhat do you think is your best quality?: My personality, I guess. and.. My outlook on life, and my awareness of things.
xWho do you absolutely adore? Roger waters <3
xTell us about something that really pisses you off or you just really care about: Um. Right now, i'd have to say, people that give into the scum of the world.


Well. I don't have an FTP at this point.. but, I'll add some in a bit.. if you really want to see, IM me.. Quicksilv3r210. Sorry guys.
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