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01:48am 01/03/2006
  do come

(The Swayback also plays Denver this Saturday and Colorado Spings this Friday)

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Swayback show this Thursday at the Hi-Dive in Denver 
08:37am 31/01/2006
  All AGES w/ 31 Knots and The Milkshakes. Do come.


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07:46am 17/04/2005
  I don't have a flash on my phone or anything, and they are kinda grainy, but I did manage to get a few shots of the swayback last night

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02:34am 17/02/2005
  I have decided it is quite a tragedy that I have just recently discovered this band....and here I thought I was hip to a lot of the spooky rock around these parts.
boo to me.

p.s. hello, i'm lelly.

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05:43pm 15/02/2005
  Fantastic show at the Larimer on Saturday.


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*Free Midnight Set by The Swayback at Bender's tavern this Wednesday January 5 
01:57pm 04/01/2005
  Hey gang.

We are playing a FREE midnight set tomorrow night at Bender's Tavern on 13th Street in Denver(314 E. 13th where the old club ONYX was located). We are the ONLY band playing for the evening and the Lipgloss DJs will be spinning in and out of the set so come down and DANCE.

Tom Hoch from the DJ/Producer collective Mile High House is going to join us on stage for a spell tomorrow for a little improvisation between the band and his glitch/industrial/breakbeat turn table heroics. Should be tasty. Mile High House producer Ilk is in the midst of doing a dance re-mix of our newly recorded song "Forewarned" and will be included on our next release which should be ready before we take off for Austin and the South By Southwest Music Festival in mid March.

Our debut self-titled release is getting some nice reviews. You can pick up a copy form our web site or at Twist and Shout, Wax Trax, or Independent records in Denver. Have a read if you feel like it:

by Matt Sebastian
Boulder Daily Camera December 2004
The Swayback (Too Bad You're Beautiful Recordings)
Having spent the past couple of years honing its black-as-midnight sound on metro-area stages, Denver's Swayback finally delivers the goods on CD with its ravaging debut, a collection of throbbing goth-punk that resurrects both the sheer power of the Glenn Danzig-era Misfits and the eerie minimalism of Bauhaus. Replete with fuzzed-out basslines, droning guitar solos and Eric Halborg's from-the-beyond vocals, The Swayback is a grimly powerful introduction that recalls buzz-band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's more apocalyptic moments — and portends great things from one of the Front Range's most damaging live acts.

by Dave Herrera
Westword December 2004
The Swayback (Too Bad You're Beautiful Recordings)
The Swayback's psychedelic freakout conjures the Stooges driving a stake through the heart of Ink and Dagger -- with the Misfits on their knees, snorting up the powdery vampire dust. Eric Halborg's sinister howls leave puncture wounds in the gritty primordial riffs and stubbly bass lines that encase it, allowing agitated shards of feedback to seep through.

by Ricardo Bacca
Denver Post December 2004
The Swayback (Too Bad You're Beautiful Recordings)
There's something heroic about The Swayback - regardless of its larger-than-strife live shows. The Denver band impressively acts as a medium for a style of music that needs to be heard. Its angular, rapid-fire rock owes as much to Gang of Four as it does Sweet...... with "Distinguished Guest at the Downtrodden Ball" and the "Jon Merrick Blues," the band is driving hard and fast - as a tightly knit, name-taking collective - down a road that should lead its music well beyond Denver's city limits.


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01:12am 27/11/2004
  im here to announce my love for the swayback

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02:50pm 08/11/2004

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Pointless Praise 
08:27pm 11/08/2004
mood: calm
The Swayback are one of the 6 coolest bands in Denver!


Keep the rock alive!

I got my guitarist hooked on ya guys. Find a drummer so you can play a show and I can show him how much you guys rock live!
Do it and there may be a cookie or two in it for ya...

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the swayback at the larimer tonight! (all ages) 
10:37am 12/07/2004
  we go on early at like 8.

the bronx
the catheters
and starlite desperation are playing too.

do come.


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07:10pm 30/06/2004
  okay, first of all, i can't change the stupid fucking layout of this stupid fucking community because i can't log in as the community for some stupid reason.

second of all, i guess i will never see the swayback play again as i am forbidden by the parentals. yeah, i can see lenore and makeout with six hundred people twice my age and they don't care.. but when it comes to the swayback... they're like.. whoa, and stuff. so that sucks.
maybe my sister can take me. but since i'm lacking a car and license i will no longer be able to see you guys. come to my birthday party december 4th, babeh. i know it's a long way away but still.. lenore is doing a basement show.... in my basement.. yeah.. basement show. OHBABEH

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10:09am 19/06/2004
mood: sheeeeep
baaaah i'm a sheep

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01:40am 14/06/2004
mood: bouncy
Hello. Im new. My name is Duane. I love The Swayback sooo much. And my boifriend's band, The Eclectix, loves The Swayback also. We are all going to go their next show and rub asses together.

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the swayback and mclusky at the larimer tonight! 
04:24pm 11/06/2004
  tonight, june 11th at denver's larimer lounge we play with one of our favorite bands mclusky.

mclusky are a three piece from wales. they play all the european festivals (including leeds and
reading this summer) and released a killer steve albini recorded album last year called "mclusky do
dallas". they sound like a cross between shellac and the pixies. kind of.

begars banquet records' oceansize is also playing.

we go on first at 9:30. do come.


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the von bondies/the swayback/call sign cobra (6.8.04) 
12:05pm 08/06/2004
  me oh my; oh me oh my.

the swayback are playing this evening june 8th at the gothic theater in denver with detroit's the von bondies and denver's call sign cobra.

this one's gonna rock all over the place. like all down deep in your secret spots.

do come.



Tuesday, June 8, 2004
The Von Bondies
with The Swayback
Call Sign Cobra

Gothic Theatre, Denver
All Ages
8:00 pm
9:00 pm

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hey kids 
04:20pm 04/06/2004
  See you guys on the 8th.
You as pumped as I am?

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same old sickness 
11:11pm 25/05/2004
  hey we've been recording. the mixes ain't done just yet. but check out the rough shit. rough shit!


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08:07pm 25/05/2004
  how was the swayback show on saturday?
i had to miss yet another show because of lenore.
well, saturday was partially cause of battle of the bands

did anyone even fuckin go to see the swayback?

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10:50am 09/05/2004
  could someone teach me how to play guitar?
that'd be hella rad if you could.
call me if you wanna give it a go.. i'll pay you!

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05:12pm 07/05/2004
mood: bitchy
the swayback
playing may 22nd
i won't be at that one either
does the swayback and lenore have this conspiracy where whenever they play they have to do it on the same night?
anyway, the 22nd is also the battle of the bands. i'm gonna be there.
and you're gonna be with the swayback.
i'll miss you.
xo ♥
they're also playing the eighth! (i think)
and lenore is playing that night too!
jebus christ
i'm not gonna be in colorado anyway

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