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__therecluse's Journal

the recluse
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a rating/music/web design community.
You will have to fill out an application.
You will have to post it behind an LJ cut.
To do an LJ cut you do this:

Then fill out the following application and paste it underneath where you do the LJ cut.

1) Name
2) Age
3) Location
4) Favorite Bands
5) Favorite CDs
6) Hobbies
7) TV Shows
8) Movies
9) Pictures?

Band vs. Band
10) Death Cab for Cutie vs. The Postal Service
11) Taking Back Sunday vs. Brand New
12) From Autumn to Ashes vs. Atreyu
13) The Blood Brothers vs. Emery
14) Cursive vs. Bright Eyes
15) The Bled vs. The Dillinger Escape Plan
16) The Mars Volta vs. At the Drive-In
17) Rufio vs. Fall Out Boy
18) Funeral For A Friend vs. Boys Night Out
19) Avenged Sevenfold vs. Metallica

Moderators: egosuicide, noufy & __damned
If you get a yes by any of the moderators or anyone in the communiry,
you can vote and say yes or no to someones post whether you want
them in the community or if you don't.

Okay, for now on, everyone that is in this community will have to put a banner in your info to promote this community.

Either put this banner:

or this banner:

If you want the first one, copy and paste this code into your info:

If you want the second one, copy and paste this code into your info: