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I need advice. Please read this :-\

I was going out with this guy Jeff for about a month and we were both crazy about each other. Things were going really great until his grandpa died. Everything in his life got all messed up so he wanted to take a break. This was in Feb. and he said he was coming back in May. He tells me that we're both single so if I met someone else it was ok. He said that maybe I would find someone who could be there all the time for me because he's in college and can't be there for me all the time when I need him. So we're on this break, and an ex boyfriend of mine comes back into my life, but we were only friends. We had been hanging out for like 2 weeks when one day we were both in my room and one thing led to another and before I knew it we were making out. That's all that happened, we were just making out. This happened in March. Jeff found out about the make-out session I had and he FLIPPED out and told me he wasn't coming back in May, and he wasn't coming back ever. I'm telling you, he hated my guts. So I was trying to get over him since I knew he wasn't coming back. I just went on vacation for two weeks and on the last day, I get a text message. Guess who its from? Yep, Jeff. He said 'Hey Lindsay, just wanted to say hi and say hope you're having a good time'...I was absolutely shocked. So we were talking for a while and I said 'I miss you, you know? I wish you would give me another chance or at least think about it.' And he was like 'I don't know, but when do you get home? I guess we can talk about it then' and I was like 'I'll be home Sunday, so just think about it. I'll IM you then' and he said to me 'Ok beautiful...and yes...I miss you too'.

So I wrote him this big long thing in my journal telling him how much he means to me and that I hope he takes me back (I haven't talked to him yet because he's been really busy). After I wrote it, I went to bed and told him to read it. After he read it he IMed my phone again and he was like 'WAAAAAAAAAKE UP! LIIIINDSAY!' So he obviously wanted to talk..

And I know I should be so happy that he's actually thinking about taking me back and that he misses, but I'm SO afraid he won't take me back. Do you guys think he will?
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