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So My Boyfriend's like best friend (jason) that he played AAU Basketball With and Went To A Bunch Of Camps With And Stuff Goes To Duquesne....Lucas my boyfriend, sent this friend to meet me like a week ago because he went to a different school and I'd never met him...anyways so me and this kid got to be good friends and stuff so last night after receiving wonderful news from Lucas, Jason decides to tell me that he has fallen for me and that since Lucas and I were fighting If I ever need him for anything he'll be there... But it's almost like I don't know what to do Jason was/is such a good friend and I know Lucas will flip out if I tell him and I don't think its worth ruining their friendship over...BLECH Help Me Please....Anyways...I get to see him in 24 hours..I'm so excited..24 hours till I get those goosebumps when he holds my hand..24 hours till I get to be picked up and spun around so I can act like I hate it even though I love it..ahh I'm excited...scratch that I'm beyond excited I just want to kiss him on the cheek thats all ahhh this is going to be the longest 24 hours ever...at least when it's over he's all mine for 5 whole days.... Oh Yes...here are pictures of Us :-)

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