Hello All!

Hello. I rejoined, or something of the sort. Lol.
Just thought I'd let you all know.

ps: Let me know when I can start promoting, and posting new pictures (If I'm not rejected). I've got loads of them. New ones. With my hair down too. (At the request of ________youlush = D)

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huuuuge members cut.

Ok, so I posted an entry before this about who was still here and only 2 people answered. I know that _______youlush is still here because she has been pretty active. Right now we only have 3 members because I deleted everyone who didnt answer and I didnt see were active. This community was dead, now all we have to do is promote to get active members instead of the hundreds that I just removed who were inactive.

Now, I made a few mistakes:

effectsoprufert: I know you havent gotten your answer yet but, I accidently removed youu =[ sorry. Could you please join again and wait for your stamp? Thankyouuu.

Blisteringeyes: I know you havent gotten your answer yet either, but I accidently removed you =[ sorrry. Could you please join again and wait for your stamp? Thankyouu.

Peterswendy: I accidently removed you too =[ So sorry. You can just join again without applying. Also, were you a MOD before? Because when I asked who was still here you commented and didnt write MOD in the sub. line...

As of right now here are our current members:

Anyone else who didnt reply to my post will have to rejoin and reapply. Thankyouu


Ok well now that we are going to start getting this thing back together, who is still here? Post a comment to this entry letting us know if you are still here and will still be active. If you are a Mod, and still want to Mod and will be active, then comment with MOD in your subject line. Whoever doesnt comment will get cut from the members list and we can take it from there. We have too many people on our members list that arent even here anymore, or active. I say we start with the people that comment here then just promote and get active people.

Heyy Everyone =]

Heyy Everyone I was just recently added as a Mod. I noticed that there were alot of Moderators here at __thepretty. I just wanted to see who all was still actually here and will be active. If you were recently or were before a MOD could you please comment this entry and let me know you still want to Mod or Co-Mod? I just dont want us to have too many mods if they all dont even do anything lol. Thankyouu. Also, Maybe we should delete all of the inactive members and promote and make this community start off fresh or somthing. Just an idea, because most of them arent active at all. This community was dead. NOW LETS GET IT BACKKK! ♥