so. tiff and sean lay are leaving on saturday and i'm going to miss them.

i think we should all hang out, but i'm not sure what we should do.

maybe lunch? anyone?

rock it in the microphone...

yes sirs and ma'ams...

lets all take a nice trip to le santa de monica.

if you are intent on joining, i was thinking this wednesday. times are yet to be determined. ill drive if people are willing to give me a bit of cash for gas. i think we should just catch whatever random indy flick that we can while down there, and then walk about in that lovely teenager fashion we've all become experienced with.

so... remaining posse members. who is with me?
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for those of you who didn't know, i'm having my 18th bday on april 1. all of those who can read this, and are thus members of the posse, are invited. i really hope that you guys will be able to make it, and wendy, i know you'll be there in spirit. it will be a good amount of fun.

also, ender, i'm sorry for the short notice, but if you're able to come that night, would you mind bringing your ddr pads/game? i totally understand if you wouldn't feel comfortable doing that, i wouldn't blame you. there will probably be about 20 people there, so if you don't want that many people possibly playing on your pads (although I doubt all will), no worries. i have another person i can ask. just let me know. thanks in advance.

so yea. party. you guys will be getting invites soon. peacizzle.

movie night

hey guys,

hopefully you all see this at some point on saturday, if not i guess i'll just start calling.

movie night at my house saturday night. not sure the time yet, lemme know what time works for you guys and we'll figure it out from there... we'll start with 8 o clock?

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i think we should all go to breakfast sometime next week, likely at the waystation because i've heard good stories about that place from ender. it would likely be the last posse event of the year. any day would be good, thursday might be kinda hard for me unless we have it after 9:30-ish. 'twould be a good way to end the year. what say ye?