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__thehotsquad's Journal

Do you have what it takes?
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All Members , Moderated


1. You must be at least 14 years old. You can try if you are younger, but your application better be awesome.
2. Be honest. If you don't like something about an application, please voice your opinion. BUT don't be horridly nasty. Your goal is to get your point across, not to make someone cry.
3. You may only comment on your own entry until you're accepted. If you don't follow this rule your application and comment(s) will be deleted and you will be banned from this community.
4. 3 pictures must be posted.
5. Please do not type: LyKe dIs. Type like a normal, educated human being and use proper English and grammar to the best of your ability.
6. You must fill out the application in an LJ-cut and bold the questions. If you don't use an LJ-cut or bold the questions your application will be deleted (we may be easy on the bolding, but PLEASE USE AN LJ-CUT!). However, you may re-apply. If you don't follow this rule the second time you will be banned completely from the community.
7. After you have been accepted, you can post whatever you want, as long as it has some what of a point.
*GOOD example: Pictures of my new haircut
*BAD example: I like chicken.
8. When posting your application, you must put "Do I have what it takes?" in the subject area, so we know you've read the rules.
9. From now on, all other communities you wish to promote must be put under an lj-cut and you must put something along the lines of the community you are promoting in the subject area. If you do not put it in an lj-cut, you will get one warning, do it again and get banned.
10. Most of all, have fun!

*******After you post your application, if you do not get stamped within a week then please post a new entry telling the mods and please put the link to your application in that entry. We tend to get a bit lazy at times and we need to be reminded*******



[ Name ]
[ Age ]
[ Location ]
[ Sexuality ]
[ AIM screen name ]
[ Promote us in at least 2 other places and show us here (personal journals, other communities, etc...) ]


[ Song ]
[ Color ]
[ Band/Artists (no more than 15) ]
[ Movies (no more than 10) ]
[ Food ]
[ Drink ]


[ Where did you find out about us? ]
[ If you found a wallet that contained $500 cash inside, and the ID is inside, what would you do with it? Why? ]
[ What's the worst you've gotten into trouble? ]
[ 1-10, what would you rate yourself? ]


[ Pre-marital sex ]
[ Drugs and/or alcohol use by anyone ]
[ George W. Bush or John Kerry ]

3 pictures of yourself

LJ-cuts, bold, underline, and italic codes

LJ-cut : [lj-cut text="blah blah blah"] type your text [/lj-cut]
Bold : [b] type your text [/b]
Italic : [i] type your text [/i]
Underline : [u] type your text [/u]
~~Please be sure to replace [ ] with < >


Sheila; daintily_wasted
AIM: xdaintilywastedx
Email: grandpawasnaughty@yahoo.com

Britt; xlostnlonelyx
AIM: emoxcore pfft
Email: prepsrppl2@hotmail.com

scurvyxwench and ready_set_fail are the unofficial spokespeople for __thehotsquad

Want to make icons, layouts, or banners for this community?
By all means. Contact us and if it's not too offensive we'll probably use it.

If you want a specific interest to be listed..well on the interests, please tell us.