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Info on RP/plots/posts/ect.

Alrighty just doing some general spring cleaning, announcements and some reminders of where things are, lists and such things as that. So this might be a rather long post so just stick with me.

-Inactivity: First off we have been growing rather quickly and for that, as mod lady who thought the rp would fall more then once, It makes me incredibly happy. Unfortuantly though I feel there are a some members that rarely ever play, are always on the 10 day list, and are never around too play or start plots with. I understand it can get frustrating to want plots but you have to be around to play to make plots, rl happens yes but...keep active or no one knows whats going on or that your characters even around. So some of you will be getting emails asking whats going on. We are an active rp, posts once a month isnt going to cut it (well unless its a plot character and even they have to stay active)

-Jumping in: With that in mind if you want to play JUMP into posts!! Dont just start your own and twiddle your thumbs and get mad if no one posts. You have to make an effort to jump in and get your character around interacted with others too. There are open posts everyday for people to get into and meet new people. But if your going to post and then be gone for days, it makes it hard for others to want to rp with you. Also interacting with the muns is a goooooodddd way to try to set things up, to get characters and interaction going.

-10 day rule: This means that a NEW post most be made within 10 days or a reply to a NEW post must be made. Replying to a post made a month ago isnt going to keep your character good on the 10 day rule. Personal posts do count on the 10 day rule yes but that cant be all you do.

-Post length: We arent saying you have to do novels here but we are saying to give us something to work with lol. A paragraph is good, hey thats all you can do sometimes, two paragraphs good, definatly helps in the reply and hey if you want to do more go for it! Lord knows I do mine dont shut up! But please try to give the person your rping with more then two lines to work with. Give some details, whats going on around you, what there thinking, just...something. When I get a reply with two lines im like ummmm..... doesnt make me want to rush to the post and reply and play.

-Characters: Lord knows I have a damn lot of characters and sometimes I slip up and cant keep up with them. It happens, no big deal just get them active again and move on. I also understand making a character and just not having them work in the rp, just not fitting in or what have you. But please take into account your time online and your other characters when you want to make a new one. If some of your others are always on the 10 day list constantly then you shouldnt be trying to make more. Not saying go through and just kill off people that arent working the first week and make new but Im saying if your not keeping up with your others, dont try to bring in new ones.

-Powers/age of characters: Do keep your characters magics down. Look at the elders in the game and make sure that your characters powers arent making them look like damn whimps. If they are, your characters over powered. General with age we try to NOT have anyone over the 1000 mark, that is what the elders in the game are aka the high powers. If your characters over a 1000 theres a high chance we are going to go um no. There are exceptions to that, elves for one because they dont gain more and more power with age, just knowledge and experieces and such. and with the Lavarains but they are something that was made for plot for the game and yeah we dont need a bunch of them running around lol. If someone wanted one it could be talked about but age and high power isnt something we are going to let just any rper have, gotta make sure that you can like...be alright with that sort of stuff and not be all godly.

-Plots: Everyone loves them some plotness. Thing is you cant just keep asking for plot and never making any. Get a story going, get a twist, get something going an that will get others wanting to get involved in it. Just saying I want plot and having nothing and no ideas what to do doesnt really help anyone. Again its that communication thing, get talking with others, email, IM, ooc post asking hey so and so talk to me about this. We got a lot of new people that im sure would be willing to help out and get in plots and such too so try to get something worked up.

-Plot characters: Plot characters do not mean can go months and months without ever being used in the rp. If there plot that means there needed for certain plots and arent needed all the time. They still need to be played at least once a month. Still have to be active.

Time in the rp: Again for morning (early mornign through later morning): something around 4-5 or so posts, afternoon(early through late): 4-6 or so, sunset one or two, night (early to late night): 5-8 or so. This is so not set in stone but it keeps it from being one morning post 10 afternoon post and then like 3 night or something of that sort. (We want shorter days and longer nights for the vamp kind but dont want the days to go forreevvvverrr lol)
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