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Character sheet
Well for anyone who would like to join here is a blank character sheet. Please fill it out and e-mail it to the mod(s) at bombshellsafire@yahoo.com.

One of us will get back to you usually within a day and let you know if you are approved or if we need more information. Once you are approved we will add your characters journal and you can begin posting. Please everyone feel free to join! the more the merrier ;) Please note that you must be 16 or older to be in this rpg.

Include ALL the following in the Email:

Character Sheet:
((This info is to be placed in your user info of the character journal))
Character Name(s):
Race/Species (List of some possible races are here):
Actual Character Age:
Physical Description:
Distinguishing marks:
Birth Location:
Personal Information/Background:
Magical Abilities:
Number and Description of Weaponry and Training:
Special Skills:
Character's Career: optional
Preferred Prey: optional
Character PB (who is in the icons for your character. Please check the PB list to make sure they are not taken):

Your information:
((Needed in email not in user info.))
Character livejournal name:
Your email/messengers:
Your name (internet or real):
Your age:
Sample third person entry (sample post that you would make in the community.):
What makes your character a bit unique, not the same as all others?:
What will happen if you do not update regularly? (confirms you've read userinfo):
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