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The time will be two real life days to one rpg day, give or take of course. If I believe a day needs to be kept longer for plot (city wide of course) or full moons then i will make an announcement for it. The day will be changed on midnight of the second day (as when its turning ot the third) since im normally up around that time anyways.

Now with this the mod journal will post in the main rpg saying what day it is and what the weather is like. Make sure to post the day still in the subject line of all posts. In the post itself at the top there is needed this.

Time: (early morning, morning, late morning or so on)
Where: where you are (optional)
Open to: Anyone or who its posted for (optional)

At the very least we need the time listed at the top of the post. To make text bold just put < B >text here < /b > without the spaces.

This so far, is a trial thing. If it goes over incredibly badly we will ditch it and go back to how the rpg is already. But as it is with so many vamps and everything it might make it easier for vampires to post whenever you want without having to twiddle your thumbs waiting for the night time. Posts can be set for any time period you have want for them to but please do NOT put time directly (as in 1pm 2pm and the like) as I feel that makes things just more confusing then they need to be. Just the general time frame (late early morning night ect.)

This will be emailed to EVERYONE in the rpg just to ensure that everyone understand and knows how the days are going now. If you know already then just disregard the email. I will be putting up the mod post for the time advance to wednesday tonight as tuesdays already gone on a while.
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