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<333..I’m into myself in the most precious way*

&&Lately I’ve been noticin’ the beautiful me
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

-You need to be at least 13.
-Love the stamped members--do not piss us off. Disrespecting a stamped member results in an automatic REJECTION.
-Application must be behind an lj-cut that reads "Is my body beautiful?"
-Post at least 3 clear pictures
-DoNt ApPly iF u WriitE lIKe ThIs. Get it through your mind, its not cool
-Bold the questions only!
-You cannot post anything or comment on any entries, except your application, before you are accepted
-Absolutely NO NUDITY!
-Application must be submitted ASAP after you have joined the community
-Voting will last 48 hours
-Don't bitch if you don't get accepted
- NO FAKES! if we find out that you are a fake you will be banned from our community ASAP!

-You can be kicked out if you break any rules.
-Post what you like. We want to hear about your life. =D
-Please vote, promote, and post!
-You cant and will not promote other communties in our community, then all the entries just turn out to be promotions, and we will delete the entry if you do.
-Please stay as active as possible.
-Please put a promotion banner in your user info once you get accepted
-Please put "STAMPED" in the subject column when posting something, so we now you arent an applicant.
-Write Yes, No, or Undecided in the subject line of your comment when voting on another applicant.


Favortie Movies:
Favorite Bands/Singers:
Favortie Places to Shop:
Favortie Colors:

-Simple Questions-
Where did you promote us?[show links]:
Why do you want to be in our community?:
What is the one thing you regret in life?:

-Your Opinion on-
Looking At Porn:

Post at least 3 pictures of yourself.


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