Name: Cachae'  (pernounced>  kash-ay)
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Location: Illinois
Interests: clubbing, dancing, partyin, shopping, basically anything thatz fun

Favortie Movies: pretty woman, a bronx tale, devils advocate, bad boys ll, 50 first dates, finding nemo, love actually, 16 candles, grease, mean girls, prety much any movie~>lolz
Favorite Bands/Singers: way 2 many 2 name.. any1 and anywhere from euro music, to jazz, to hiphop, to rap, to country, to house music, to rock, to punk, to .. basically everything
Favortie Places to Shop: armani, chanel, bebe, fcuk, abercrombie&fitch, nordstroms, h&m, marshalfields (downtown), guess, urban outfitters, victoria's secret, ... (((anything in downtown chicago)))
Favortie Colors: yellow.. black.. blue.. white.. red.. pink.. coral.. purple.. etc.

-Simple Questions-
Why do you want to be in our community?: every1 seemz really nice/cool/fun.. pretty >lolz
What is the one thing you regret in life?: absolutley nothing.. u gotta live for tha moment.. have fun.. but stay classy.. not trashy

-Your Opinion on-
Cheerleaders: cheer on.~!!
Drugs: ew
Looking At Porn: hey.. if thats ur thing>lolz
Sex: dont b a slut/skank about it... but if u need it.. go to tha rite person
Abercrombie: i work there

Post at least 3 pictures of yourself.
i couldnt find a third pic!! sry guyz.. but there are sum in my older journal entries!!! super sry!
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    DJ Danny V. ~ "Makin Da' Move"