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Name: kelly
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: delaware
Interests: em swimming talking to my friends hanging out with them, watching movies, and being odd

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Favortie Movies: sixteen candels, breakfast club, saved!, 40 yr old virgin, anchorman
Favorite Bands/Singers: em fall out boy, starting line, taking back sunday, alanis morisette, brand new, DMB, counting crows, STEPS (lol), spicegirls (lol)
Favortie Places to Shop: american eagle, goodwill, frolic, khols, marshalls, tj maxx, salvation army
Favortie Colors: turquoise, purple, green, black

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-Simple Questions-
Where did you promote us?[show links]: em i havent yet... im not a carded member er whatever
Why do you want to be in our community?: emm a memeber? probably like idk watever i can be
What is the one thing you regret in life?: no regrets i live how i live

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-Your Opinion on-
Cheerleaders: my school doesnt have any, but they arent that usefull... my hometown college has the number 2 cheerleaders on the east coast!
Drugs: blah
Looking At Porn: blah
Sex: watever tickles ur pickle
Abercrombie: too expensiiiiive

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