Megs Elizabeth (opagueshadows) wrote in __thebeautiful,
Megs Elizabeth

OMGSH!!!!!! I need some serious help and I need it soon! I just need numerous different peoples advice. boyfriend and I have been offically together for only about 3 weeks. But we've been "together" and talking a lot for over a year. Well he and I are in love, like we've discussed it numerous times and I care about him so much. Well he lives about an hour away from me, and I go to see him all the time. Well, this coming weekend (July 30th-31st) he wants me to come with his family to their lake for those two days. More than anything I want to go and spend time with him and be able to get to know his family. Yet the big problem is my parents are very protective of me, being a girl and the youngest in the family I can expect this to some extent. But, I am also nearly 18 years old and moving to the other side of the state to go to college in about 2 weeks. I feel I can be trusted for not even two days with my boyfriend AND his whole family. I could understand if it was just going to be me and him, but his entire family will be there, they all want to meet me. So, as long as you guys follow what I'm saying, can you guys give me some advice on how to convince my folks to let me go? I'm desperate and will do anything. I want to spend some time with him before I move away and I think this will be one of my last chances. Please help me someone, I love him so much and I want more than anything for my parents to trust me and let me go. Someone please please please help me!! Thank you so much to anyone who might help me out, it's much appreciated!

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