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Stress & Weight Management Camp

Hey everyone,


I get this very interesting and reprieving solution for our stress and weight problems. Stress & Weight Management - the yoga way is a 2 day workshop for stress & weight difficulties, which is been organized by The Yoga Institute. It gets us acquainted about Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Relaxation Techniques, Diet plan for stress & weight management specifically and many more.


With this exciting news, all the Yoga & Health lovers are welcome to:



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Malibu: Malibu is Beverly Hills on a beach. A place built on money, power, and prestige. So do you think you can handle Malibu?

The Residents: The teenage residents of Malibu are blessed with great looks, power, and huge trust funds. Well, most of them anyway. Some are outsiders brought to this elite town because of unusual circumstances. These select few rarely fit in. To fit in you need to have the hottest new luxury vehicle, the coolest clothes, and go to the best parties. Your appearance and your repuation is very important. So is your family name. Most parents let their kids do whatever they want as long as they don't tarnish the family name. And these kids take full advantage of their freedom.

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Name: kelly
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: delaware
Interests: em swimming talking to my friends hanging out with them, watching movies, and being odd

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Favortie Movies: sixteen candels, breakfast club, saved!, 40 yr old virgin, anchorman
Favorite Bands/Singers: em fall out boy, starting line, taking back sunday, alanis morisette, brand new, DMB, counting crows, STEPS (lol), spicegirls (lol)
Favortie Places to Shop: american eagle, goodwill, frolic, khols, marshalls, tj maxx, salvation army
Favortie Colors: turquoise, purple, green, black

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-Simple Questions-
Where did you promote us?[show links]: em i havent yet... im not a carded member er whatever
Why do you want to be in our community?: emm a memeber? probably like idk watever i can be
What is the one thing you regret in life?: no regrets i live how i live

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-Your Opinion on-
Cheerleaders: my school doesnt have any, but they arent that usefull... my hometown college has the number 2 cheerleaders on the east coast!
Drugs: blah
Looking At Porn: blah
Sex: watever tickles ur pickle
Abercrombie: too expensiiiiive