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Your mod//maker//maintainer is-runsn2windows21
and your co-mod//maintainer is-frediagrace
our offical promoter is-onecrazylife90

use this banner to promote-
We love the OC!

here is the code for that-

<*center*><*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/
userinfo.bml?user=__the_oc"*><*img src=
alt="We love the OC!" border="0" /*><*/a*><*/center*>

take out the stars.

It was made by your mod frediagrace

here are the rules--

1.) No nudity. That`s gross.

2.) If you are posting pictures
please use a livejournal cut.
If you don`t know how to use
one then just ask.

3.) Please don`t TyPe LiKe ThIs.
It`s annoying...and a waste of
your time.

4.) You can promote other communities..
But if you do then you have to use
a livejournal cut. Again..if you don`t
know how to use one, then ask.

If any of the posts have something
not fallowing the rules..then the
post will be deleted. Sorry.

If you have any questions or
comments about these rules,
then tell me. But if your rude
I will ban you. Sorry if that
sounds rude, I don`t know a way
to say it that doesn`t sound rude.

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It`s another community that I made
to talk about, obviously, random things.