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The Boring:

Age: 13
Sex: female
Marital Status: "separated"
Location: iron mountain, michigan
A place you promoted too (we will check):

The Basics:

Top 5 Bands/Musicans:
senses fail
2. october fall
3. the early november
4. the honorary title
5. john mayer

Top 5 Movies/TV Shows:
a walk to remember
2. napoleon dynamite
3. donnie darko
4. degrassi
5. ashlee simpson show

Who is your idol/Who do you look up to and why:

my friend sammy biallas. she's awesome, i go to her for anything, like wise. we're alike in so many ways. she's a great friend, i'm really lucky to have her.

+ god.

Name Your Most Embarrassing Moment:

i don't have many embarassing moments that i can think of. but, a couple of days ago, i fell down about five bleacher steps at a basketball game, haha. it was pretty embarassing.

The Entertainment:

If you had to pack up all your stuff and move to a new place right now where would it be:

probably california, or somewhere warm. maybe paris, or somewhere royal with great fashion and scenery and such.

Why are you good for the community:

because i'm down to earth and fun. i'm sure you'd all enjoy me. plus i'm sort of new to livejournal, and i'm ready to vote and promote.

Sum yourself up in 5 words no more no less:

understanding, humorous, fun, trustworthy, outgoing.

Whats your favorite time period and why:

the summer of 2004, because i had some of the best times of my life then.

Pictures!! At least 3 no more than 6! also include on 100x100 incase you are accepted for the members page!


hope you like<33

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