♥ addy (eatmorebrownies) wrote in __the_cuteness,
♥ addy

happy new years!!

ok so i thought id update, cuz this place is dead

i won dutchess for freshman class, for HOMECOMING, yes it was a long time ago... but i thought i would post a picture, we got to sit on the field and what not, the boy who won, was my ex-boyfriend of a year and a half's cousin. did that make sense. well it was somewhat awkward.

ironically, my ex-boyfriends older brother and his girlfriend won king and queen, and so it was wierd cuz we were all like related in a way.

this is the actuall homecoming dance, i was the only girl who didnt wear an all black dress, but it was okay.. and this is my ex\boyfriends best friend, kevin, yeah but hes cool, weve been best friends sine like 5th grade

and last but not least a picture of me and my friend gwyn..

hope u like it <33
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