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"am i cute"

I don't like boring applications. (if this is too obnoxious or whatever, just tell me, and I'll make it plain)

Name: Erika

Age: Sixteen

Sex: Female

Status: Taken, but not married.

Location: Suburbs of Seattle, Washington

Promote: here

The Blood Brothers
Tegan and Sara
The Beatles
Azure Ray
Elliott Smith

Donnie Darko
Fight Club
The Royal Tenenbaums
Panic Room
Bang Bang You’re Dead

Idol: My mom. I could go on and on about all the reasons I admire her, but I’ll just try and sum it up: She came from a “poor” family and being the second oldest, helped take care of her 4 siblings younger than her. Despite such a hard childhood, she’s grown up to be an amazing person, and she’s done so much with her life.

Embarrassing Moment: Man, I don’t really know, there’s a lot, seeing as I’m kind of a cluts. Well, one time, during a break in between periods, I was walking in the hall, in front of the HUGE main stairway, my friend tripped me and I fell flat on my face, scattering my books everywhere. I laughed so hard, and refused to get up.

I would move to: California, it’s where I was born, it would be nice to go back.

Good for the community because: I promote (because I hate it when communities get boring and there’s no applications), and that tends to be looked on as a good thing, right?.

Five Words: Fun, shy, silly, mature, immature.

Favorite time period: The Fifties. Two words: swing dancing.

100x100: It’s actually 85x100. If that’s a problem, let me know and I’ll fix it.



I generally don’t think pictures of myself looking at the camera/smiling are
that attractive, but I posted a few anyway. But if you want or need more, just ask

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