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Am I cute?


The Boring:

Name: Meaghan, but my close friends call me either Love, Meggers, Meggie, or Me-ag-han. 
Age: 14...and three quarters! *excitement*
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single... I'm so horrible with relantionships... :(
Location: Florida... ya know, the state that's ALWAYS hot?
A place you promoted too (we will check):

The Basics:

Top 5 Bands/Musicans... in no order what-so-ever:
1. Fountains of Wayne
2. Dashboard Confessional
3. John Mayer
4. Alanis Morrisette
5. Beatles

Top 5 Movies/TV Shows:
2. Napolen Dynomite
3. Remember the Titans
4. Moulin Rouge
5. The Breakfast Club

Who is your idol/Who do you look up to and why: My mom. She is amazing. She can make dinner, drive me to all my rehearsals, and do her nails... at the same time.... not really, but you get the picture. She was also validictorian of her Senior Class and I think that is just about the coolest thing ever.

Name Your Most Embarrassing Moment: Just one? *thinks* okay. got it. I was going on vacation with my best friend Gabby in the middle of the 6th grade (I think). Well, we were at a cabin somewhere in Tennessee, and were sorta bored. But then we saw a cosmopolitan magazine on the nightstand by the bed we were sharing, so, being the rebellious 6th graders we were, we started flipping through the magazine. Well, half way through it, we heard someone coming... and not wanting to be caught reading cosmopolitan, we quickly put it back on the nightstand. So anyway, her mom comes in and asks what we're doing... since we were just sitting there, not talking, under the bed covers. Well, being the idiot that I am, I told her we were playing a game that I chose to call: "Guess the Body Part." I told her that we had to stick a body part out from under the covers and the other person closed her eyes and guessed what it was. Ya. So her mom took my friend in the other room and asked her if she was okay... because she thought I was touching her sexually. Yah. I just found that part out recently.

The Entertainment:

If you had to pack up all your stuff and move to a new place right
now where would it be: England. I've always wanted to go there... no idea why, I just think it would be a really awesome experience...and I love British accents with a passion.

Why are you good for the community: Because I'm quite a fun person and I've been told I'm cute, so I hope you think so too!

Sum yourself up in 5 words no more no less: Fun, Outgoing, Silly, Smart, Friendly

Whats your favorite time period and why: Medival times. I love the fact that they had Knights and Castles and Princesses and such... idk, I've just always loved fairytale type things.

Pictures!! At least 3 no more than 6! also include on 100x100 incase you are accepted for the members page!



2. me..again. heh.


100 by 100ish


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