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Do You Think Your Hot Enough?

♥That's Hot♥
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This Community Is Currently Auto-Accepting!
please join the community, read the rules, fill out an application,
and post it in the community! Thanks For Your Time <3

8 Simple Rules

♥ 1. Promoting inside is allowed only if you are accepted, and must be under an LJ cut.
♥ 2. All posts and/or applications must be under lj-cuts or your post will be deleted. When posting your application write "I'm Hot" as the subject.
♥ 3. No Nude Pictures.
♥ 4. Applicants must be 14-years-old or older.
♥ 5. If you are rejected please leave the community. If you wish, you may re-apply within 48 hours with new pictures.
♥ 6. Stay acctive or you will be asked to leave.
♥ 7. Vote and promote!
♥ 8. Respect your mods!

♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Location:
♥ Ethnicity:
♥ Sexual Orientation:
♥ Religion:
♥ Favourite Bands/Singers:
♥ Favourite Store(s):
♥ Favourite Song:
♥ Tell Us A Secret:

♥ How Did You Hear Of Us:
♥ Promote Us To One Other Community, And Show Link Of Proof:

♥ Post Atleast 2 Clear Face Pictures, and 1 Clear Body Shot: