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Life is a war

and we are the marching band.

Thanks, MCR!!
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Although inspired by the MTV "awards" (or lack of) this community is created to show MCR that we do care, and that we do want to thank them for all the awesome shit they do. Because they deserve it. So we've all ganged up and we've come up with several ways of showing your fan love to the guys.

SO, who runs the shop??

venomousxheart runs this place, helped in a great way by lopeta and by the always awesome candycannibal and cemeteryromance. Please run to them if you need something, they will help you out!
In order to keep everything as smooth as we can, these are some simple guidelines that you should follow when posting stuff. Posts are always welcomed and they're not moderated, but please try and do this whenever you post:

1. Please join the comunity if you want to post something! It's a nice way to track people. :)
2. All of your posts should be related to the theme... which is a way to thank the guys/etc. If you have news/pics/whatever to post MAKE sure it's got something to do with the comm! (I mean, there are so many other awesome places to post regular news/info, that we are all part of anyways, right?)
3. If you're posting a large graphic, pic, whatever, please USE AN LJ-CUT. Shout out if you need help, but do try, please. We don't want to rape everyone's Friends' pages.
4. If you wanna promote your community, be sure to put [AD!!] on the very top of the post, so we can keep track of that, kay?
5. This is not exactly a rule, but a word of caution: remember that if you post a slogan/pic/design here, most likely another person will use it, that's the whole point, for us to gang up and to the same thing. So if you feel like showing, but not sharing, please don't. I don't want drama to happen. thx!

Ok for the time being I can't think of anything else but if you do, let me know and I'll put it here.




Lots of ♥♥ to lopeta!!

PEOPLE!!! Please help us and donate some extra cash that you have, so we can make stickers, buttons and pay for the shirts and stuff, so we can spread the love whenever there's a show or a gathering. Anything that you can give is fine, and we will love you forever. If you leave your username you will be listed in here too, so please go do xD