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Okay, Im making shirts tomorrow. And i will of course post them on here and see what you guys think!

Does anyone know what the plan is? Our we going with the original idea and everyone having the same shirts having the same front but different back? Or are we going all on our own now?

MCR contest tee

I just wanted to share a design for the tee shirt I'm making. I have a few other designs rattling around in my head, but I haven't even so much as sketched them. Anywho, this is the only one I've done so far.

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Hey guys! I was just at Fuse's website and I saw that they're replaying an episode of Daily Download where My Chemical Romance are guests tomorrow (Friday, September 2nd) at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT. It's an encore episode, but if you didn't get a chance to see it before, check it out.
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Okie dokie guys, I got all the ideas we've had so far sized so they fit on the transfer paper, I didnt stretch them tooo much just enough so they wouldn't be tiny, and I put em all up in a photobucket, here is the link:


I think the arm band/patch/logo idea is great, I have no ideas for that right now my brain is fried with all this hurricane stuff, so I guess if its ok I'll leave that up to you, you guys have awesome ideas anyway, Ive loved them all so far.

Anyway I'll quit rambling now, have fun with the transfers!

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I think we should dedicate one post to the shirt designs, or start saving them in the memories and have a little blurb in the userinfo about them (and how you can access them by going to the memories). Either that or I can open a little section on my website for right now (since I know lopeta and venomousxheart were thinking of maybe getting us our own website--nothing's been decided yet) dedicated to this community and put all of the shirt designs up.

Tell me what you think. I have no issues with sitting down and making a layout sometime today or tomorrow and starting the website.

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I love the idea of congratulating Gerard on being one year sober. I'm proud of him and really respect him alot more for that.

Anyways, some MCR fans really piss me off...

Words can't express how truly awful this performance was. They played all new songs, I wanted to murder, rape, and burn down the houses of everyone in the crowd and I found myself praying that MCR would play an old song so I could see the dumbfounded look on everyone's face. What is this Gerard talking to the crowd telling them to say "Hi-Ho!" and this dumb shit? Anyone else remember when MCR was a) good live, b) played good music live, c) didn't play the crowd like they were *NSYNC fans.

Actually wait...90% of this community or chemicalromance don't know what MCR was like with A, B, or C.

Yep. It's the truth.

What the hell? I'm sick of people acting like they own the world because they have listened to MCR when they first came out, and now because MCR is mainstream they think that MCR sucks.

You would think that the fans would be happy that their favorite band is getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work, wouldn't you?

The fact that they are mainstream now doesn't take away from their live performance, music or anything else...MCR just has grown alot since the first record.

Some of the MCR comms are really becoming pathetic...this is the only one I feel safe posting in anymore.
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Hey guys, me again, Wanna say AWESOME job to everyone subbmiting graphics they all rock, and if anyone needs me to enlarge them to fit on a transfer page just let me know and I'll do it and add it to the photobucket wich is http://photobucket.com/albums/y282/Finnboy/MCRMY/ there and I just finished the rest of the IN____ WE TRUST designs they are in there I dont post them here cause they are the final size and way to big so go there take a look at them, let me know what you think.

keep up the good work TROOPS :).


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Ok so um.. I don't have a super-cool tshirt/sticker/whatever design to share or anything, but I've had this idea floating around in my head for a few days.
I was reading through the newest issue of SPIN and there was a diary of Warped from Gerard that was a few pages long. In it he said that at the end of the tour he would be one year sober so.. I was thinking it would be cool to congratulate him some how.
I dunno, just an idea I had.