September 8th, 2005

  • lopeta

Hi Im steve!

Hey guys!

Hvnt heard much from anyone lately, I hope ya'll are still alive, and our plan too, I am happy to report Houston show is going to be rescheduald, dunno for when, but ticketmaster says so Im watching that site till they go on sale again.

My friend just poked me and said we should all get name tags that say HELLO my name is STEVE and wear them XD , I found that funny, Im planning on buying black cloth and making armbands see how they come out, pictures when I get them done and if they come out ok, I'll be willing to send some for free to whoever wants em.....but more on that next friday when my monitary unit comes in ( Paycheck) but yea! comment , updated, let me know im not alone! *snif*