September 7th, 2005


Hey guys, Ive noticed we hanvt had lots of posts lately, I havnt posted cause ive just been so dead tired with work and all, but Im alive! and offering T shirts.

Unfortunatly I dont have enough money to give em away but if anyone wants me to make them one just email me at and I'll see what I can do, ya know if anyone out there cant make theirs for one reason or another.

the concert here in Houston got cancled but Im still Road Trippin to San Antonio to watch them there so anyone else going to that one, leave me a post! so we can all hook up! I still want to make this happen!

MCR Rebel Army , Rock Hard or Die.


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Hello my friends. Ever since the VMAs - I have been motivated to make a box of love to send to My Chemical Romance after their terrible, terrible defeat. And so, this is what I need from you guys, I need you guys to say something to My Chemical Romance - I would like to have at least 100 messages, and I'm about 30 short - I need you to say something inspiration to them - idc if it's an individual or the entire group. Make it short and sweet, leave your name and where you are from. PLEASE no "hey - I'm going to the concert on the 15th - I'll be wearing the Rocky Horror Costume in the front row - say hi to me!!" or "Remeber mE?" things. this is an motivational box for the boys - so - just post in comments and I'll update on how things are going soon.

(here's the original entry to see what the box looks like ect. posted at Gerard_Sluts.

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