September 3rd, 2005

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Well, I just made my shirt.
They turned out not as I expected.
The print out paper was horrible.
It turned the black background green.
And all of the words backwords.
So i needed to use words that looked good backwords or upside-down to look like 'MCR'.
All in all,
my shirt sucks.
Ill post pictures.

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Hey everyone. I'm going to the MCR show in DC on the 21st. Anyhow, I was planning on making the guys a scrapbook with things from their fans i.e. pictures, letters, poems, etc. In addition, I have a friend making me a little moon-man to give to them. Its the Best Band in the Fucking World award. So if any of you would like to contribute anything, that would be awesome.

Just email me at
Or IM me on AIM at xlovedidntwantme

Thanks in advance.


P.S. That t-shirt idea is awesome. I was thinking of a design where its like a rose and a gun crossed with My Chemical Romance beneath it. I think that MCRMY would go better underneath instead though. And maybe FUCK MTV on the back. Eh, just a thought.

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My Chemical Romance's Helena won the number one best summer video on MTV2! Which is ironic because Fall Out Boy was number 2 on the countdown, and the killers were way off.


On MTV2 On Tuesday, Im not sure what time though, they are premiring Ghost Of You!

Be sure to watch!