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A moon man, and a bouqet of roses: Three days of MCR

Thanks to a block of clay, and my artistic hero/friend Julius...


This is our hand made moon man.
Image hosted by

This is our hand made moon man with Frank.
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My adventure for this tour was last week and consisted of three days: both Soma shows in San Diego, and the L.A. show on the 30th. It included lots of waiting, attempting to sleep on venue sidewalks, and very, very sore feet.

Special thanks go out to: Traci, Anna, Rudy, Gia, Danny, Maria, Julius, Itzelli, Arisbeth, Tommy, Ashley, and all the people met through the long periods of waiting in line. You all rock.

Candice & Lynda: I love and adore you both more than you'll ever know.

So weeks in advance Lynda and I started getting together some gifts for the guys. They ended up including some Sandman action figures, a hoodie, some El Toro shirts, a Jay-Z dvd, and a humping dog [because it's Frank and yes...].

My weird little gift for Gerard was a bouqet of fake red roses. Why? Long story short, I've always wanted to give a male speciman flowers, and why not have Mr. Way be the first? And fake because real ones would have never survived a stay in the heat or the car.

Another thing, is the handmade moon man. Like many of you, we were disappointed by the fact that the My Chem boys walked away with nothing at the VMAs. After the award show, Lynda and I started joking around about making them their own statue. A week before the shows, we went to Michaels and bought a block of clay. Our wonderful artistic hero/friend Julius then helped sculpt it into a moon man. [The original design had everything the real one has, including the MTV logo and flag. But it gradually began to fall apart on the long drives, and we decided to replace MTV with MCR].

San Diego, CA
September 28, 2005

We arrived at the venue at around five in the morning. Our dear friend Traci had spent the night at the venue, and was first in line, followed by a small group of other people who had braved the night. We decided to venture around the venue, exchange stories with people in line, and treat the Target across the street as a haven for it's bathroom and air conditioning.

Some time before noon we ventured over to the back to see what the crew was doing. A taxi drove by and Bob came out of it. We called him over and he said he had to go get somethings done, but promised to be back. After about a half hour, the same taxi drove by and Bob once again came out. He put somethings into one of the buses and then came over to hang out. He proceeded to tell us about how he had been trying to get parts for his car, and that he adored the hoodie we got him. We told him about how Julius was going to come to the next day and he was puzzled and excited by the idea of a moon man, lol. I asked him how the VMAs went and he told us that it was a weird experience just sitting in the audience. He asked me if we had known about the surprise performance, and seemed really disappointed when I said it had leaked onto the net. I reassured him that they had done great nevertheless.

Image hosted by
Lynda with Bob

Bob assured us what time sound check would be so that the rest of the guys could get their gifts. He also inspected everyones gift, and he pointed at Gerard's action figures and said "What's that!?" He looked at us all puzzled and confused when we tried to explain, lol, and I said "Well, you know how he's a big comic book nerd." Bob nodded, and said "Yea, most of the time I don't even know about half the stuff he talks about." He remembered us from the four days we had spent at Warped, and as Lynda and I went to introduce ourselves again he interrupted and said, "Are you kidding me? I already know you, I already know you!" After more pictures and chatting with other people he had to go, and we said goodbye.

Sometime later, we saw Gerard approaching, walking from the Sports Arena parking lot [which is next door]. I waved the roses at him, and he waved back. I'm guessing he had taken a trip down to the Apple store in Fashion Valley [only one I know of in San Diego, I think] because he was carrying a box with a keyboard and a big white bag on his back with either the Apple or iPOD symbol on it. He went into Soma and no more than ten minutes later was back out again. I held the flowers out to him, and told him the whole story about wanting to give a boy flowers [yes, I have been kicking myself in the arse for calling a 28 year old man, a BOY, lmao] and he said it was very sweet and gave me a hug. He liked the action figures and I also gave him a card to congratulate him on his one year of sobriety. We made small talk, and he said it was so much easier to meet people on this tour than it had been at Warped. He went to talk and take pictures with other people, and before he went into Soma again for sound check, he gave me a hug.

Image hosted by
Gerard with the roses and action figures.

Image hosted by
Gerard and I.

Frank came walking by too, with their manager, Brian? He stopped to take pictures and talk as well. We flagged him down with Twizzlers and to show him the humping puppy we got him. The look on his face when we turned it on was priceless, lol. He handed the bag to their manager and turned to me and was like "Gimme a hug!" He said Mikey and Ray were going to arrive shortly, and then he left to go inside Soma. Lynda and I left without waiting for Mikey and Ray because the line was getting bombarded by people.

At around 6:15 doors were opened and everyone HAULED ASS, everyone ran pass the pat down points and hurried to get their tickets checked. I ran down skipping stairs, and ended up getting barricade a little to the right of Frank. Both Soma shows were sold out, meaning about 2,400 people. I was looking around the stage while waiting for everyone to file in when I noticed this color of red sticking out from all the black by the side of the stage. It was the roses I had given Gerard, and they were now taped around his microphone stand! It made me smile like an idiot.

Reggie kicked ass, and before one of their songs, James stopped to talk about Alkaline Trio and MCR. To my surprise he said, "...and speaking of My Chemical Romance those guys got a gift today and it was a puppy that humps things like poles and stuff." Lynda and I high fived eachother.

Alkaline Trio were good, especially since I'm not much of a fan. I do like that they open with the Clockwork Orange theme.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Then of course, My Chem came on and everyone went balistic. It was my tenth time seeing them and first time seeing them at barricade. To my disappointment Gerard didn't come out in the priest outfit but had resurrected the vest, he'd decided to wear it with a longsleeve black shirt and the old black and silver striped tie. He'd written "cunt" on his neck, and "I <3 Cock" on his wrist, it made me laugh. All of the guys were so energetic, and it made the pain of trying to hold on to the fucking barricade worth it to see them up close. I was surprised by the fact that Gerard didn't tell the story about the little boy and his bike, instead choosing to ramble on about a comic nerd, and someone shooting "like nine guys, bang bang BANG BANG!" He talked about how there were so many black shirts in the audience.

Image hosted by

During the beginning of "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" Traci passed out in the crowd and Frank immediately stopped playing and ran to the guard in front of the barricade who had somehow not noticed. He shook the guys head and when he acted confused, Frank shook and nudged him again pointing at where she had fallen. I could mouth him saying, "She's out! Get her out! Get her out!" The house lights were turned on, and Frank looked to Gerard with a worried look and Gerard lifted the mic to his lips as if he was going to say something, but then they comfortably carried her out and Frank gave him a thumbs up and a relieved look.

Image hosted by

After the show I realized how drenched I was with my sweat, the crowds sweat, and the water that had been thrown on us to keep us hydrated. I was also sore from all the pushing and holding onto the barricade for dear life, but it was all in good fun. We stopped for food and then home for a nice sleep.

San Diego, CA
September 29, 2005

We arrived a little later this day, at around ten in the morning. Candice, Lynda, and I spent more time at Target eating hot dogs and enjoying the free refills and air conditioning. I saw some roadies come in to buy stuff, one of them walked away with anti-heartburn medication.

We decided to go wait in the same position, and when we got there were told that we had just missed Gerard. We were also told that everyone had arrived for soundcheck already. Sometime after soundcheck Frank came over. As he was signing for the people next to us I said, "We made you a moon man!" He laughed and turned to us smiling this wondering smile, "You made me a moon man?"

Image hosted by

We showed him and he patted Julius on the back for making it. We took pictures and told him that we would give it to the guys after getting each of them in a picture with it.

Image hosted by
Ray with the moon man.

Somehow, we managed to get the reclusive Ray out. We showed him the El Toro shirts, and he laughed and checked the sizes on them. One of the shirts had come out as a youth large, and Ray laughed and said, "Well, maybe I can still slip into it. I just gotta lay off the candy and stuff..." We reasurred him that he looked great already and that there was no need.

Image hosted by
Mikey and Lynda.

Mikey was the last one to come out. We showed him his "Fade to Black" dvd and he smiled, and also laughed at the moon man. He signed for a lot of people, including our friend Rudy who has a friend involved in the hurricanes in New Orleans. Mikey seemed especially sympathetic and shocked by it. This lady also came with a drawing from her daughter which she presented to Mikey as being, "for you and your brother." She seemed on the verge of tears, and I'm guessing her daughter was in the hospital and ill.

Image hosted by
Mikey with the moon man.

During Alkaline Trio's set, Candice and I decided to hang in the lobby where merch was being sold. I bought a hoodie and noticed James from Reggie was just hanging out. I got a picture with him and told him that I had been one of the people responsible for the humping puppy. He laughed, said he thought it was awesome and proceeded to do an impression of the dog, lol. I asked him if they had been passing it around backstage and he said that Gerard had shown it to him, and that they pretty much hang out everyday.

The show itself was great once again, and Gerard seemed WAAAY more energetic than the night before. He was spazzing and once again had the roses on his mic. He'd written "cunt" in the same place, and traded his long sleeve for a short sleeve shirt. He also drew lines on his arm, tracing his veins. For once, before "Prison" he said there would be no stories and they went straight into the song. And before "Best Day Ever" he asked what everyone wanted to hear. Myself and a group of people started yelling "Demo! Demo!" but he referred to some guy that had yelled for "Sunsets." He said that they couldn't do it, but he could do some of it right then "acapulco style." [meaning acapella, lol..] He would waver between singing a line, and then holding the mic out to the audience. He ended with, "...just like upon the screen" before kicking into "Best Day Ever."

Image hosted by
Gerard with the moon man.

After the show we went out to eat at Dennys and returned to Soma to wait. Mikey came out to sign and talk. Afterwards, Gerard followed and we told him we loved what he had done with the flowers. He talked about how he liked them and that he would try to keep them on the mic stand for as long as they could stand it. He was shown the moon man and I told him to be careful with it cause it had just been finished. When we had to take it back because Bob was the only one who still needed to see/take a picture with it, he seemed reluctant to let it go. We reassured him that we would give it to the guys in L.A. the next day.

Little sleep and no showers followed.

Los Angeles Sports Arena
Los Angeles, CA
September 30, 2005

We arrived at the venue at around two or three in the morning, and there were already about a handful of people sleeping outside. Lynda, Candice, and I sprawled some blankets out and slept on the floor of the venue along with everyone. At around nine, security started to wake us up and say that the line was being moved somewhere else. At that point we decided that since we had all had barricade experience the past two days, it would be hell to put our bodies through it a third time in a row. We decided we were just gonna hang around, and get in after everyone else, meaning we didn't care what spot we were in, in the line. We used the Chevron bathroom to brush our teeth and attempt to "shower" with baby wipes. The day ran by smooth and easy.

Image hosted by
Myself with Frank.

We watched the hassle that became when people started to get into the venue. I think the show started out late, and as a result, I noticed "Hang Em High" and "Best Day Ever" were not played. Before they played, we saw Frank walk by and told him about how the moon man had lost its head during the drive to L.A. to which Frank replied with "Oh shit." More pictures and small talk, and then Mikey came down the stairs. Really small talk was made, since he seemed like he was in a hurry. Also, one of the guys from TBS walked by.

Show went good again, and I watched from the side in the back. Before "Prison" Gerard finally told the story about the boy and his cat, although he kept alternating between using the names: Michael, Timmy, and Mikey. It was confusing, but fun. During "Vampires" James came on to help with vocals, and sang the "Can you stake my heart?" parts. Apparently, Adam from TBS also came on but I didn't catch him.

After the show, we went to the car and grabbed the moon man to wait by the loading area again. I sat on the floor, indian style, holding the moon man in my lap. I think I went in and out of sleep waiting there. We found out that the reason the guys were taking an especially long time was because they were partying in a VIP section of the arena. Sometime around one a.m. they were kicked out by a guy we had befriended, who worked for the venue.

Image hosted by
Bob with the moon man.

Bob was standing outside the doors smoking a cigarette, and I proceeded to yell and motion for him to come over. He remembered Lynda and I from San Diego and asked us if we had liked the full show [Soma, being a small venue, could not use all the big screens and stuff they have been using for most of the tour]. He asked us if it would be the last day he was going to see us, and we said yes being that we couldn't goto Vegas or San Jose. He seemed disappointed, lol. We handed the moon man over to him and told him of how we couldn't just sit without giving them some kind of award after what happened at the VMAs. He promised to "super velcro" the statue to the counter, when I said that they should take care of it as if it were a real moon man. He seemed surprise that we were handing it over.

Frank came out before they were called for bus. Lynda and I stood at the end of the line, patiently waiting for him to get to us. While he was signing, Lynda proceeded to squeek out "Frankie, Frankie" [her voice was completely shot by this time, and she sounded like one of those chew toys on helium]. Frank looked and ran over to us with open arms, and we said good-bye and that we wouldn't see them for a while.

Mikey stood outside of the bus talking with friends, and I think Ray went straight into the bus. Gerard was one of the last people to come out of the venue, and as he went towards the fans, something really weird happened...

This guy rushed towards the guys out of nowhere, and everyone ran into the bus quickly. Afterwards, we saw one of the roadies proceed to push and beat on him for a little. Some security and police were called in, and I could only think about how this was going to screw with their bus call and drive to Vegas.

Bob came out again and proceeded to talk and sign autographs. He was acting a little tipsy and hyper.

Roadie: "Bob Bryar, get on the bus."
Bob: "But I'm just hanging out man..."
Roadie: "I know you're just hanging out, but I've told you a million times to get on the bus."

Image hosted by
Bob being carried.

At this point, another roadie came and proceeded to grab Bob's legs and attempt to lift him over his shoulder. Bob grabbed onto the railings of the gate and refused to let go. It was hillarious.

Everyone disappeared into the bus, the lights came on, and we decided it was time to go. I realized I had spent over 24 hours at that venue.

I arrived home at around five the next morning, where I passed out on my bed in my smelly hoodie and proceeded to sleep till the late afternoon.

If you've read this far, thank you. I aplogize for the length of entry. If anything, I hope the pictures werre enjoyable, and that my story was mildly entertaining.


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