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Hello my friends. Ever since the VMAs - I have been motivated to make a box of love to send to My Chemical Romance after their terrible, terrible defeat. And so, this is what I need from you guys, I need you guys to say something to My Chemical Romance - I would like to have at least 100 messages, and I'm about 30 short - I need you to say something inspiration to them - idc if it's an individual or the entire group. Make it short and sweet, leave your name and where you are from. PLEASE no "hey - I'm going to the concert on the 15th - I'll be wearing the Rocky Horror Costume in the front row - say hi to me!!" or "Remeber mE?" things. this is an motivational box for the boys - so - just post in comments and I'll update on how things are going soon.

(here's the original entry to see what the box looks like ect. posted at Gerard_Sluts.

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