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Hey MCR webmasters and LJ COMM administrators, my name is Maria. Some of you know me, some of you don't. This message is an invitation to join a project that I just opened called Revenged, which is a Web Directory for MCR sites. We all know there are a LOT of sites out there, and my goal is to have them listed in one place, so it's easier to look and access them all. You CAN add LJ/GJ coms yo the list, and I'm hoping this one will be added:)

Anyways, I would love that if you have a site, you could join the directory, first up, to get it started and if you could help me out spread the word. I'm emailing as many MCR sites as I know, but if you know someone I would appreciate a lot if you could tell them. All the information about joining and everything can be found at the site, which is

Thanks a lot in advance and I hope that you'll join :) And well, feel free to delete if this isn't allowed. Sorry.
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Archived MCR site

Does I can't remember where this was posted, but on some MCR comm a while back, they posted links to this site that archives (and mirrors?) websites, and they had on there. I lost the link, and it's been bugging me. They had archived from when they guys maintained the site themselves, which was really cool.
Does anybody know what site I'm talking about?

Edit// Found*/
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VI question

This question is really important and I need an answer ASAP. Not to be mean but who is the fat guy that is always with MCR? We met him tonight and I forgot his name and I really need to know. He's like a asistant/manager/backstage type dude I guess. Almost what Biggie is for The Used.

X posted like crazy!!!!
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(no subject)

This is me wishing everyone going to the San Antonio concert a great time, I was going there since the one here in Houston got cancled do to hurricane Katrina, and nowwww I get to miss that one do to Hurricane RITA thats headed straight for us :/ I love my life .

Anywho! stay safe people, take pictures for me!

*runs off to buy water, batteries and other things*
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Hi Im steve!

Hey guys!

Hvnt heard much from anyone lately, I hope ya'll are still alive, and our plan too, I am happy to report Houston show is going to be rescheduald, dunno for when, but ticketmaster says so Im watching that site till they go on sale again.

My friend just poked me and said we should all get name tags that say HELLO my name is STEVE and wear them XD , I found that funny, Im planning on buying black cloth and making armbands see how they come out, pictures when I get them done and if they come out ok, I'll be willing to send some for free to whoever wants em.....but more on that next friday when my monitary unit comes in ( Paycheck) but yea! comment , updated, let me know im not alone! *snif*