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Hello everyone! :]

This is the new mod speaking! I'm Marsha and break_town has very kindly passed this community to me a few days ago.

I was disappointed that she wanted to close it because there are some pretty icons here so I said I'd be happy to have it. So yes. :p

This community will be handled the same as it was before. It will be friends-only. Members can join and post their own icons. However, I don't want any advertising here so if I see a post advertising a site or another LJ/LJ community, I'll delete it. This is a community for icons, not advertising.

So I guess that's the only change around here. No advertising.

Other than that, I really hope this community will be active again. So please post your textless icons here, people! :]

If you'd like to post your icons here, please read the rules and join! :]

Anyone violating the rules will be removed.
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It seems the majority of people that have joined this community are here for McFLY.
I've decided to close this communtiy and make a community for just McFLY and Son of Dork icons.
Please join! I won't be reposting any old icons, so they will all be new!