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Hey I forgot to do this application thingy. Well.. here it is.


||Name:|| Jason
||Age:|| sixteen
||Gender:|| guy
||Location:|| tucson, arizona
||Fact about you:|| My middle finger is double jointed

||Favorite bands(at least ten):|| Choking Victim, Doom, Flux of Pink Indians, Misfits, Leftover Crack, Amebix, Nausea, the Doors, the Skeptix, Misery.
||Favorite movies(at least five):|| Lost Boys, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Blow, Ninjascroll.
||Favorite books (at least two):|| Good Omens, Dracula
||Sexual preference:|| girls
||Best show you've ever attended:|| the Unseen/Dropkick show was pretty fun.. I have fun at every show though.


||Piercings?:|| No.
||Tatoos?:|| Not yet.
||Scene hair?:|| No.

||Abortion?:|| They should eat the fetuses
||President Bush?:|| Fetuses should eat Bush.
||Self-mutilation?:|| I never really thought about it.
||Homosexuality?:|| Gay people are cool.
||Animal cruelty?:|| So are animals.
||War?:|| War is innevitable, but it still sucks.

Damn Kids

well my community is a bomb but that definently doesnt mean it cant kick ass outside of livejournal, because it so is!!!!!!!

i would really appreciate it if all of the people who have joined to tell your friends to join.
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