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RMTV's Doing Interviews And Contests with ToC People! [16 Mar 2007|04:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I got a nice little e-mail today that I thought I would share with you guys from the people at RMTV. Jon (the magician and host that interviews all the bands), has confirmed interviews with Senses Fail, Saosin, and Chiodos, and he might even be doing 30 Seconds to Mars (Mmmm I sure do hope they get them!)

What that means to us is that we get to submit any questions we want to the bands. All the interviews are done based on fan questions, so there's a good chance we'll actually get heard. A lot of my friends have had their questions asked on the show, so it's been pretty cool

Linky Linky: http://www.realmagictv.com/interact.php

Also, there's a CONTEST! (Hooray! What's an interview without a contest) We can win a chance to actually talk to the band- it's called a phone tap. I don't know about you, but I think it's 10times easier to just submit my name online and have a real chance at winning a contest to talk to the members of bands I like than it is to stand at a CD signing for 3 hours just to say "Hi!"

And of course you need a link for that, too: http://www.realmagictv.com/phonetaps.php

If anybody here wins, post about it! I want to know who's questions got heard and who didn't. What are you guys going to ask?

X-posted to the other Taste of Chaos community- if anyone else knows where I should post this, let me know, or feel free to repost anything I said. I'm not quite sure where to go about spreading the word on this, but you guys might


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