April 14th, 2005

to all u fans

Scott Gottlieb
On Sunday, April 10, 2005, SCOTT GOTTLIEB lost his battle with cancer. He had been fighting it since May 8th of last year and was doing better and awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Then, about a month ago, he got an infection that he could not beat that attacked his lungs and then soon after the rest of the organs in his body.
We will forever miss him as our best friend and brother, "Bleed the Dream will never be the same"
Some how in all his pain and suffering he did the most "punk rock" thing ive ever seen and dragged himself out of bed to record all the drum tracks on our new album. I'm so sad he won't be here to see it come out, but im so happy and proud that he left us a little piece of himself to remember him by. And somehow i know he's up there looking down on us saying "ya i played on that record."
The world lost a great drummer and songwriter today but even more we lost a great guy!!!
Bleed the dream, Scott and Scott's family thank you for all the support over the last year...
We also want to give our hearts out to all those that are suffering from illnesses that have hit us up over the last year...
we luv u
SCOTT GOTTLIEB "broken wings"
R.I.P. 8/20/1970-4/10/2005

i hope you all pay your respects at the show when you see them!