March 22nd, 2005

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so ticketmaster fucked me over when i ordered my tickets.

my dad`s work company are season ticket holders to the hockey games held at the venue that taste of chaos is taking place, so he frequently gets first dibs on upcoming concerts & events. obviously, taste of chaos was one of them. so i got the fax & wrote SPECIFICALLY 4 x $40.50 (general admission - arena level) ..

now. today when i was casually glancing over my tickets, i just happened to realized that they say LOWER LEVEL, meaning SEATS!


i am so bummed out now.
the only positives to this situation i can think of are:
¬» no waiting in line & rushing to the front of the mosh pit
¬» no smelly/sweaty people rubbing up against you in the pit
¬» perhaps i will be able to see better? since i`m short i can rarely ever see over peoples heads in the pit.
¬» &&&& i guess i don`t have to worry about what to do with my jacket.


still, this sucks.
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