March 5th, 2005


I went to Taste of Chaos in Montreal a couple days ago. And it was amazing. Everybody should go to TOC. I met Bert, Branden and Jeph from the Used. I took a picture with Bert. It was too rushed so I couldn't take one with Jeph and Branden. But I did get a video of Jeph saying hi to my friend. I have all the details and pictures in my journal at _perfectperfume </span>(because direct linking isn't working for me right now). It was amazing. Check it out.

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hey everyone, i'm going to taste of chaos pretty soon, and it's going to be my frist concert. i've heard a lot of things about you'll probably get bruised or hurt really badly and i was just wondering if it's really that intense...

i also have school the very next day after toc so i just wanted to know if i'll be able to walk. i'm also quite small and short.

and i'm going to the concert by myself, and i'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

so if you guys could inform me on some stuff that would be really helpful. thanks in advance.