February 19th, 2005

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Okay, since I said I would post on how the 1st stop on the Taste of Chaos treated me, I will write you my story.

Small, very small. About the size of a 1/10 of a normal Warped tour venue. The field was all mulch so dust and dirt and everything was in the air and it killed all of us. MCR didn't play so there went half of my mood. I am gonna kill soon if they cancel the warped tour date at Orlando because they weren't at the Next Big Thing in Tampa and now this twice I went to see them and missed them. =*(.

So then I highly suggest going to the acoustic stage to see Bleed the Dream. Give them some support they need it. Their drummer has lucimia(sp) and they need your support. Really nice guys and a greeat band. Everytime they are in the area I go see them.

Then Underoath kicked some major ass. It was just awesome seeing how that was favorite band being on the main stage. Stayed for Senses Fail. Great show. All the bands really put in a great effort and really were good. Even Killswitch Engage who I'm not a big fan of. The Used was alright. They had 2 people get married on stage. I thought that was pretty cool. The only thing that pissed me off was I personally don't like Bert. Plus am not a big fan of their new stuff except Take it away.

Night ended with dirt in my lungs, everything hurting, no voice, and a Fat lip. Very fun time and hope next year is better...meaning hoping more organized and one of the headlining bands actually show up.
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i need some quick information from some of you guys that have already went to a show. my show is tomorrow and i was wondering if mcr played before or after the used or what? i have a meet n greet pass to meet the used but i dont wanna miss mcr.
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