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Missed out on your chance to get discounted Warped Tickets?

If you missed the opportunity to purchase Warped tickets through the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented by AT&T Pre-Sale, it's your lucky day. There are still a few tickets left for select dates. Just send the following information via e-mail to musictodayou@yahoo.com and you will be contacted by a MusicToday representative to place your order. We will only be offering tickets through 5pm TODAY (Thursday, April 19) - so make sure you tell all your friends. If you have any questions - feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

1. First and Last Name
2. Contact Phone Number
3. Name of the Concert or Concerts for which you would like to purchase Warped Tour presale tickets
4. Number of Tickets that you would like to purchase.

Tickets are offered at a discounted rate: only $20.24! Check out these ticket savings through the pre-sale (prices taken from ticketmaster.com)
7/14 Dallas, TX: $29.50 (Save $9.26!)
7/29 Minneapolis, MN $29.75 (Save $9.51!)
8/3 Cincinnati, Ohio: $31.75 (Save $11.51!)
8/2 Cleveland, Ohio: $33.50 (Save $13.26!)

Tickets for the following shows are no longer available as they are sold out:
San Francisco
Carson (Los Angeles)
Tinley Park (Chicago)
Uniondale (New York City)

The following shows are still ON-SALE through the pre-sale:
7/3 – Vancouver, BC – Thunderbird Stadium – University of British Columbia – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH at 5PM EASTERN TIME
8/9 – Mansfield (Boston), MA – Tweeter Center – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 20th at 4PM EASTERN TIME***
8/19 – St. Helens (Portland), OR – Columbia Meadows – Presale ends SUNDAY, JULY 15th at 8 AM Eastern Time
8/9 – Mansfield (Boston), MA – Tweeter Center – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH at 4PM EASTERN TIME***

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RMTV's Doing Interviews And Contests with ToC People!

I got a nice little e-mail today that I thought I would share with you guys from the people at RMTV. Jon (the magician and host that interviews all the bands), has confirmed interviews with Senses Fail, Saosin, and Chiodos, and he might even be doing 30 Seconds to Mars (Mmmm I sure do hope they get them!)

What that means to us is that we get to submit any questions we want to the bands. All the interviews are done based on fan questions, so there's a good chance we'll actually get heard. A lot of my friends have had their questions asked on the show, so it's been pretty cool

Linky Linky: http://www.realmagictv.com/interact.php

Also, there's a CONTEST! (Hooray! What's an interview without a contest) We can win a chance to actually talk to the band- it's called a phone tap. I don't know about you, but I think it's 10times easier to just submit my name online and have a real chance at winning a contest to talk to the members of bands I like than it is to stand at a CD signing for 3 hours just to say "Hi!"

And of course you need a link for that, too: http://www.realmagictv.com/phonetaps.php

If anybody here wins, post about it! I want to know who's questions got heard and who didn't. What are you guys going to ask?

X-posted to the other Taste of Chaos community- if anyone else knows where I should post this, let me know, or feel free to repost anything I said. I'm not quite sure where to go about spreading the word on this, but you guys might
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March 22nd!

anybody looking to buy a general admission ticket for the boston/lowell show at Tsongas Arena? i am selling mine. email me at amodernmythx4@gmail.com or myspace.com/two13sixty1. i spent a little over 40 dollars, so i'll ask for exactly 40.. but if you email me we can negotiate on a price.
kerrang! gerard


hey guys i really really really need your help... 
i bought tickets on ticketmaster like 2 months ago or whatever for the show tomorrow and i went to buy another beause something happened... there was a note on the ticketmaster page where you put in how many tickets you need etc etc and it said "this show is general admission, however a FLOOR ticket will be needed to access the floor" the tickets i bought 2 months say FLOOR but the one that i need to buy today says GABOWL and GENERAL ADMISSION BOWL SEATING
pleaseeee someone tell me that it's all in the same place.... please tell me
and if it helps you... it's at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, FL

thank you =]

sorry it was so long but i'm desperate lol 

i posted this on another comm. just so you know lol

taste of chaos setlist???

hey, i know the tour kicked off like a week ago, has anyone from this community been out? annd if so, what was the set list the bands played? i havent seen 30 seconds to mars, chiodos or evaline live yet, so im not sure what to expect. i'm goin to the march 28 date @ the corel centre... if anyone's going, leave a comment or something.