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<b>Name:: </b> Maz

<b>Age:: </b> 16

<b>Location:: </b> London, England

<b>Birthday:: </b> 9th august

<b>Grade In School:: </b> 6th form

<b>Ten Favorite Bands::</b>

<b>1: </b> brand new

<b>2: </b> bright eyes

<b>3: </b> billy talent

<b>4: </b> sex pistols

<b>5: </b> lost prophets

<b>6: </b> green day

<b>7: </b> the mars volta

<b>8: </b> taking back sunday

<b>9: </b> the blood brothers

<b>10: </b> death cab for a cutie

<b>Five Favorite Movies:: </b>

<b>1: </b> this years love

<b>2: </b> clockwork orange

<b>3: </b> fight club

<b>4: </b> the deep end

<b>5: </b> garden state

<b>Three Favorite Books::</b>

<b>1: </b> past mortem

<b>2: </b> 1984

<b>3: </b> fight club

<b>Favorite Song:: </b> Brand New – Okay, I believe you, but my tommy gun don’t

<b>Favorite Lyrics:: </b> Everything is as it’s always been, this never happened

<b>Favorite Musical Artist:: </b> jesse from brand new, it’s the lyrics

<b>Favorite Traditional Artist:: </b> um, I’m not really up in my art so I don’t know

<b>Favorite Quote:: </b> Love is brutal and it’s cruel and it will tear you apart inside, ripping you to shreds without making a mark. And it’s the greatest feeling you’ll ever know.


<b>How did you find this community?:: </b> advertised on another community

<b>Three Things you could add to this community:: </b>

<b>1: </b> lots of random conversation

<b>2: </b> very broad taste in music and films

<b>3: </b> erm….just a new person

<b>Three reasons you would like to be accepted:: </b>

<b>1: </b> to meet new people

<b>2: </b> to talk to people with same musical tastes

<b>3: </b> it’s always nice to be accepted

<b>Why do you think you're emo?:: </b> because I have a lot of emotion, and find them most easily expressed through music (…’kay….cheesy)

<b>Promote with a link to the promotion, please.:: </b>um…

<b>Please include atleast one picture if possible, but no more than three, you can camera whore later.:: </b>

<b>And finally, a 100x100 pixel picture of yourself for the user info page. If for some reason you can't figure out how to do this, post a picture and one will be made for you.::</b> yea, can’t do that….



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