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Name:: Tara
Age:: 16
Location:: the island that's 'grand' AKA: Grand Island NY
Birthday:: May 12, 1989
Grade In School:: I'll be going into 11th.

Ten Favorite Bands::
1: Jack Off Jill
2: Scarling
3: Bad Religion
4: Green Day
5: Garbage
6: Hawthorne Heights
7: MSI
8: Something Corporate
9: Offspring
10: No Doubt

Five Favorite Movies::
1: Nightmare Before Christmas
2: Fight Club
3: Reservoir Dogs
4: Sleeping Beauty
5: Star Wars

Three Favorite Books::
1: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
2: Sweep by Kate Tiernan
3: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Favorite Song:: Vanessa Carlton's version of Paint it Black
Favorite Lyrics:: Um, see above.

Favorite Musical Artist:: Too many to even begin to decide
Favorite Traditional Artist:: I really don't know
Favorite Quote:: "Sometimes you have to dive head first into shallow water because it's better to feel alive for a moment and die than to spend a life time feeling dead." Self

How did you find this community?:: Advertisment
Three Things you could add to this community::
1: Insightful questions and comments
2: Controversy, but not to a bad point, I think
3: A new face ^_^

Three reasons you would like to be accepted::
1: I would like to meet new people
2: be able to talk openly to people with unbias opinions on me and my situtation(s)
3: To be honest, I need something to do!
Why do you think you're emo?:: I'm emo, because I have strong emotions. I feel my emotions to the extreme and work it out with music. I hate it when people put emo as a stereotype of being depressed and slitting your wrists, it's just not true, but obviously that bit doesn't make me emo. It's just my feelings on emo, and I'm about to ramble so I'll leave it at that.

Promote with a link to the promotion, please.::

Please include atleast one picture if possible, but no more than three, you can camera whore later.:: Image hosted by
Image hosted by

And finally, a 100x100 pixel picture of yourself for the user info page. If for some reason you can't figure out how to do this, post a picture and one will be made for you.:: Image hosted by


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