June 10th, 2005


Since Katelyn and I are on this spree to revive this community, I figured we would start from scratch.
All previous entries, applications, etcetera have been deleted.
The user info page has been pretty much completely redone.
The application has had some slight changes to it.
The layout is different.
And I think there has been a slight change in moderation, I can't remember for sure.
We are starting fresh.

I ask any of you who are still interested in this community to please reapply, seeing as we have all changed since you first applied.
And if you are not please leave the community so we can have only the active members stay.

Some more accepted/rejected/promotional banners will be added, and as soon as people start applying an accepted/rejected/banned member list will be started.

Please apply, and promote as much as possible because we really do not want this community going downhill again.


P.S. Katelyn, you should know I spent almost three hours doing what I did! You're lucky I'm doing this one nice thing a day thing, too.

[EDIT]: The first 5 applicants are automatically accepted.
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