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You might notice that everything has changed. You also might notice that the time is now 3:13...
in. the. morning. aiskljdlaksdi.

Top o' the mornin' t'ya.
Mary and I stayed up changing the layout for everything that was ever made. In the world. And it only took us about nine million hours. We also chose the best night of the world to do it: the one night ever that Photobucket completely fucks up and ruins your life/livejournal. Is life/livejournal the most depressing and nerdy thing you've ever heard? Well, oh well, because I am very sleep deprived. Don't ask how sleep deprived. Just rest with 'very'.
Anyway, Mary's livejournal and my livejournal are also taking on a new look this morning, ergo I highly suggest checking them the fuck out. Just because I feel like showing off. And when I say "highly suggest" I mean do it right freaking now, because you're interested and you can't deny it and I love you. Please. Unless of course you have a flat screen monitor like Mary, which we've discovered fucks up my layout, then you are not permitted to 'check the fuck out of them'. And I don't love you. Unless you're Mary. But you still will be interested and you still can't deny it. And no please for you either.


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