Mod post.

When people actually start applying, I'm swamped with work.
Fun fun.

That means Katelyn and Nahum, you two have to stamp the very few applications, and update the userinfo and fun stuff like that.


Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness

Alrighty then us mods are trying to do some stuff to fix up.
*new Layout
*new icons
*get profile up to date
*new banner promo rejected and accepted
*and the most important Promote promote promote
even if you arent a mod you can send us some banners of ideas for layouts
and please everyone try and promote thanks

On another note: the theme this time is whos your favorite artist musical or artistically thanks. Fuck you mary.
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ok, so i'm posting in here because i'm freaking hypo and crazy because i'm scared about my calculus and algebra final exams ... ahhh!!!!!! and because we're dying "oh what a world what a world!"

oh ....


i have nothing to say ....

pajama pancake panzerotti pineapple penguin!
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