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ok, so its been a month now that i haven't been accepted/rejected because i think some people don't use their livejournal user name when they check this community and they don't see my app cuz i have a friends lock on it. I am just giving up trying now.....don't bother reading my application or accepting/rejecting me because I don't want to be in this community anymore because of some of the peoples attitudes. sorry, but I am going to find a community that actually reads the apps.

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    Just trying to raise money for college, delete if you must. Show Us Your Best Facial Feature Brickfish

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    We're a community with ACTIVE members, themes, contests, scavenger hunts, and more! Find out what it's like to become part of a close community!…

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    yeah this community isn't very fun. the points aren't being kept track of and nobody votes or does anything. sorry but i'm leaving

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