cheerdi_13 (cheerdi_13) wrote in __takemypicture,

strike a pose

-Location: Perrysburg OH
-Something interesting about you: I'm an identical twin (but we dont look very much alike really)
-#1 favorite thing to do: hang out w/ all my lovely, wonderful friends!
-Make us like you. Im only in one other community, but its not one that requires you to be superactive, so i can spend more time being active in here! and besides, its summer, so i have lots of extra time! and i looove taking pictures! im getting a new camera soon:)
-Where did you hear about us? allie fennel told me about it (xoalliemichelle)
-Promotions with links:

-5 to 7 clear pictures.. at least one body/face shot:
Image hosted by bowling
Image hosted by jessie,linds,nikki, and im on the right
Image hosted by allie, mais, lauryn, and me
Image hosted by me and nikki
Image hosted by nikki, betsy, me, olivia, lexie, maisie, allie
Image hosted by katie and me (shes moving soon)
Image hosted by emily and me

-100x100:Image hosted by

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