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take action.

the time that we kill keeps us alive.

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This is a community about taking action against things you do not like, or things you think are unjust. Anyone can join, but there are a few rules:

-There is a difference between drama and debating. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree on everything, but do not let it turn into a 'you're stupid' name calling match or you will be first warned and then banned.

-NO DISCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND. That does include using discriminative words, racial slurs, or anything degrading to any race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, etc. You ARE allowed to express viewpoints on certain issues [for or against] as long as there is no discrimination invovled. This does include name calling. [using words such as 'gay' or 'fag' or 'retard' are included but not limited to these rules] If this rule is broke, there will be immidiate banning of the users involved without warning.

-Please post anything and everything..poems, song lyrics, personal expierences, fictional stories, links to media covered stories, etc. Plesae stay on topic of 'taking action' against something. Posting asking questions about who to contact to make a difference on a certain issue, or how to organize protests, etc. etc. is welcome.

-Disagreements are allowed, as long as they are kept to the other rules.

-When you first join, post an introduction of yourself so everyone can get to know everyone.

That's about all I can think of right now, let me know if I skipped anything. Thanks!

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