ziggyblinx (ziggyblinx) wrote in __takeaction,

Protect students right to self expression!

Protect Meriden students right to self expression!

We have always had a dresscode in Meriden, CT Public Schools, but the new dress code going into effect on september 1st is rediculous. They are banning things that we have always been able to wear, such as hats and jeans with holes in them. They are also undoubtedly attacking minority groups. This new dress code is both unfair and racially biased. I do no not wish to represent a city with such a plan for their students. This is why I must ask all of you, in Meriden or out of it, to sign my petition against the new additions to the dress code. If you care at all about students rights, please sign this. I am trying to get a number of 500 signatures. You can help! And, if you support this petition enough, PLEASE promote it. This petition will be mailed directly to the Meriden Board Of Education when it is done.


Thank you.

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