September 21st, 2005

The Million Faces Petition for a Global Arms Trade Treaty

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The Million Faces Petition

"There are around 639 million small arms and light weapons in the world today. Eight million more are produced every year. Without strict control, such weapons will continue to fuel violent conflict, state repression, crime, and domestic abuse. With your help the Million Faces Petition will be the world's biggest popular movement against the misuse of arms."

"The Million Faces Petition is a new way of campaigning. We are collecting photos and self-portraits of people all around the world to demonstrate to governments that we need effective and urgent action to control the arms trade crisis.

Our aim is to collect one million faces by 2006 as a powerful visual message of support for the Control Arms campaign. We will then use this mass movement of people to persuade the world’s governments to sign up to a Global Arms Trade Treaty."


*quotations from Control Arms Campaign website (jointly run by Amnesty International, IANSA, and Oxfam)