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Whore out this comm! I have plans to turn it into a general art comm as well, seeing as art and poetry seem to go hand in hand. :)

Edit: I have finally finished writing up the official rules, and they are now LAW. Keep that in mind. :)
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Welcome, beeeoootch! =3

Well, as an official welcome and opening of this community, I thought I'd post some of my stuff, before I get started writing those blasted rules. =D

Not Good Enough:
With passion- with fire-
To inflame the soul,
With a look you will fear
As if swallowed up whole.

It's the look on your face,
When you find the One.
But it soon returns,
When their fun is done.

With passion and fire,
The emotions will rise.
You will feel nothing but hate
For the look in your eyes.

The look of regret,
For wishing him well.
The look of the dead,
Once you're only a shell.

It'll go away for a moment,
But it will return.
You'll remorse all your days,
For not being firm.

He's gone with her now,
You couldn't keep him.
You were never good enough,
For his fickle whim.

Never good enough,
For his fickle whim.

For the Angel*
Things never go right
For the Angel.

Her robes get torn
And her wings get plucked,
And her spirit gets broken,

Then her tears turn to ice.

Nothing ever goes right
For the Angel-
In the end.

To my Love
Hold on to me, love-
I'll take you to your dreams
Where we'll be safe forever,
Where love is only what it means

Where our love is never wrong,
It's only meant to be.
Where our love is not a secret,
We're only careless and free.

*I'm not entirely happy with this one, and if anyone could offer some suggestions I'd be incredibly thankful. =3
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Living Inditement

The future contains blank pages
Finding words may not be easy
As possibilities become infinite
The only answer is now

Spread your futurity in ink
Traverse the engraved paths
Which sidewind into one finality

Reach for the pen
Evolve from incomprehension
From those who write your life

Once you compose with initiative
Those dreams will bind into reality