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[[ ♥*__t00cuute*♥ ]]

are ya'll t00 cuute?

were t00 cuute for ya'll ♥
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All Members , Moderated
.[[ ♥*__t00cuute*♥ ]].
*This IS a rating community, please be prepared to what we have to say about your applications :x thanks♥*


suezx069 and shamrock136

Accepted Cuuties
Rejected Cuuties/Uglies
Banned Cuuties/Uglies

Rules Before Applying
001. When applying, put in the subject "am I t00 cuute?"
002. Put your application/pictures ALL under an lj-cut, if you don't know how to do it, go figure it out.
003. dOnT tYpE lIKe DiS!
004. Be prepared, because we may tear your ass apart if we aren't feeling you or your application - we are harsh - DEAL
005. When asked the question "What's up?" in the application, reply with "nothing wode"...if you don't your auto-rejected.
006. No voting or commenting anywhere until you are accepted - do not comment on your application unless you HAVE TO, dont comment just to say thanks or anything, because it is ANNOYING as fuck.
007. Don't argue with stamped members or the mods, we won't take your sh!t, we'll just tell you to shove it. :)
008. You will be accepted/rejected after 15+ votes - it is majority vote
009. You must promote to another user and/or community.
010. You MUST be a stamped member in order to post ANYTHING in this community...post something, get banned b!tch.

Rules For Stamped Members
001. Stay active - vote on everyone and promote!
002. If u go on break/hiatus/leaving the community please make a post saying so!
003. If you promote a community in __t00cuute then you must promote __t00cuute to another community, or two other users - leave a link for proof!
004. When voting on a applicant, please put either yes or no in the subject line and what influenced your decision.
005. If you post any pictures, please put them under an lj-cut.
006. When posting an entry please put "stamped" as the subject.

Theme : bellybuttons
Ex: post pictures of your bellybutton ;)
Post your pics any time you can!

*Please put the QUESTIONS in bold - not your answers, it makes the application easier to read, thx*
001. Name:
002. Age:
003. Gender:
004. Location:
005. Why should we accept you?
006. Whats up?
007. Who did you promote to? Leave the link

*Please list at least 3*

008. Band/Singer:
009. Food:
010. Color:
011. Places to shop:
012. Movies:

013. Your best features (physically/personality):
014. If you could change one thing about yourself what would you change?
015. Whats your definition of cute?
016. Something interesting about you:
017. Most embarassing moment:

018. Cheerleaders:
019. Stereotypes:
020. Abortion:
021. Religion:

Post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

Promotional Banners

Accepted/Rejected Banners